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    How to Convert Video to Microsoft Surface Pro?

    Microsoft Surface Pro, a meticulously crafted device with ultra-thin body, resolution of 3000 x 2000, an integrated backlit keyboard, optional graphics, responsive glass track pad, powers as a combination of laptop and tablet while more powerful than both laptop and tablet.

    Undoubtedly that Microsoft Surface Pro can bring you ultimate entertainment experience with flexibilities and high-end techs, including a premium video experience with its high resolution and brilliant colors.

    Viewing video with Microsoft Surface Pro is super easy, you can change any video to be the Microsoft Surface Pro supported video with Sothink Video Converter, the powerful and professional video converter software.

    Following, let's check the detailed steps about how to convert video to Microsoft Surface Pro with Sothink Video Converter.


    Step 1: Launch Sothink Video Converter, and load the source

    Choose Video Converter from the welcome screen of Sothink quick launcher after you run it. And then drag & drop the source video into the main UI for loading, or navigate it through the Add buttons.



    Step 2: Choose Microsoft Surface Pro, and customize the output video

    In a flash, the source video is loaded in. Then, move to the right pane and click the profile switcher to choose Microsoft Surface Pro from Microsoft of Device part in Sothink's profile library. Next, define the output video including the output titles, audio tracks and subtitles.


    If you want the output video more specific to suit your need more, you can set the video and audio parameters regarding the output video with Sothink's Advanced Settings, or deeply edit it like trimming the parts you need, cropping the display area, adding watermarks, adding external subtitles, adjusting the output video, etc. with the built-in video editor.



    After settings, move to the Save to part in the lowest interface, and select the output path for storing the result temporarily.


    Step 3: Start to convert video

    Click the Start button, video to Microsoft Surface Pro conversion is executed immediately by then and will be finished with leading speed. The final processing time varies depending on your PC hardware techs and the source size, and you will be prompted how much the task is been done by the processing bar, the estimated left time and the elapsed time.


    That's all! Now, connect your Microsoft Surface Pro to your PC, and then transfer the output video into it. The whole video to Surface Pro conversion is finished by then, and you can view it with your Surface Pro. Have a nice time!

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