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    How to Convert Video to H.265?

    H.265, aka HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), the successor of H.64, is a kind of premium video format which can highly compress the large source size to be half of or even much smaller than the source while maintaining the original quality, or even output higher quality.

    Sothink Video Converter, as a full-featured video converter always catch up with the newest high trend, and also is qualified for a professional H.265 video converter.

    Next, please follow the guide below to see how to quickly convert video to H.265 format with Sothink Video Converter.


    Step 1: Run Sothink Video Converter, and load the source

    Double click on the Sothink quick launcher to run it, and then choose Video Converter from the welcome screen.


    Drag & drop the source video you want to convert into the main UI for loading, and you can also have it done by clicking the Add buttons on the main UI to load it.


    Step 2: Choose one H.265 format, and customize the output video

    A couple of seconds later, the source video is loaded in. Move to the right panel and click the profile switcher to choose one H.265 format from Video or 3D Video of Format part in Sothink's profile library.


    You are empowered to make the output video more suitable for your need. Click the Advanced Settings button behind the profile switcher, you can set all the video and audio parameters regarding the output video. With the built-in video editor whose entrance located at the tool bar, you can deeply customize the output video including the output video effect, the display area, the output parts, etc.



    After that, move to the Save to part at the lowest interface, and select the output path.


    Step 3: Start to convert video to H.265

    Now that you've customized the output video to be what you like, it's time to take the last step. Just click the Start button, Sothink will immediately begin converting video to the H.265 format you choose, and provides you the detailed processing info meanwhile. You can have a short rest, and leave the rest task to Sothink.


    That's all! Now the task is finished, just check the output size and quality. Much smaller output size, and even higher output quality, really one stone kills two birds, right?

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