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    How to Enjoy 3D Movies by Converting Video to 3D Device?

    Nowadays, when we are going to watch movie, we tend to watch 3D movies as 3D movies give users more realistic video experience that put us in the real story. 3D options are not only in the theatres, but everywhere. You have many choices to turn the normal 2D videos to be 3D videos with the 3D video effect the same as the one in theaters.

    Sothink Video Converter, which is also a professional 3D video converter, gives users many choices to watch 3D movies with the normal 2D sources. You can convert 2D video to 3D video, and you can convert 2D video to 3D device to enjoy the 3D video effect. The output video will be the standard SBS video effect. Following, let's see how to make it.

    Step 1: Run Sothink Video Converter, and load the source

    Double click on Sothink quick launcher to run it, and then choose Video Converter from the welcome screen.


    Click the Add buttons on the main UI to navigate the source video, or just simply drag & drop it into the main UI for loading.


    Step 2: Choose one 3D device, and customize the output video

    After source loading, move to the right panel, and click the profile switcher to enter into Sothink' profile library to choose your 3D device from 3D Device of Device part. Then, select the output audio and subtitle stream.


    Without further requests, you can go and take the last step. If you do, you can set all the audio and video parameters regarding the output video with Sothink's Advanced Settings, and you also deeply edit the output video including adjusting the output video effect, trimming the parts you need, cropping the display area, adding watermarks, adding external subtitles, etc.



    After that, select the output path for temporarily storing the output video at the Save to part of the lowest interface.


    Step 3: Start to convert video to 3D device

    Tap the Start button, Sothink will immediately begin executing the task as it receives the command. You can get detailed progress info, and you can also cancel it any time you don't want to continue during the process.


    That's it! Now just connect your 3D device to your PC, and transfer the output video to your 3D device. You can enjoy the premium 3D video experience by then. Have a nice time!

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