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Sothink Product Family

Currently, Sotinkmedia Software only has one product line, Sothink Media Toolkit, which includes 8 products, Sothink DVD Copy, Sothink DVD Ripper, Sothink DVD Creator, Sothink Blu-ray Copy, Sothink Blu-ray Ripper, Sothink Blu-ray Creator, Sothink Blu-ray to DVD Converter and Sothink Video Converter. As our market keeps growing, there will be other product lines sprouting out in the future.

What’s Sothink Quick Launcher?

Don’t be confused! Sothink Quick Launcher is not a separate Sothink product that you can purchase. It is just a launcher program which installs all the 8 products included in the Sothink Media Toolkit once and for all. However, after starting up the Sothink Quick Launcher, it allows you to select only your wanted product to use. In other words, Sothink Quick Launcher docks all the 8 products in one place, but it’s your decision to start up the target product. No matter which product(s) you purchase, to use the product(s), you must first download and install Sothink Quick Launcher.


Sothink Quick Launcher is not purchasable. It is totally free and is always available for download at

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