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    Top 10 VHS to DVD Converters

    Speaking of VHS, you must be familiar, and if you have a VHS tape that filled with precious memories, you will try your best to find a way to save it, cause VHS tape is easy to lose and break. Actually, converting VHS to DVD is a good choice.

    In this article, you can find best VHS to DVD converters to convert VHS to DVD and you can know how to transfer your VHS to DVD with DVD recorders. Follow us and see more.


    • Part 1: Top 10 best VHS to DVD converters
    • Part 2: How to transfer VHS to DVD with DVD recorder


    Part 1: 10 best VHS to DVD converters


    V.TOP VHS to DVD

    V.TOP VHS to DVD Converter is a totally VHS to DVD converting hardware, because its software is not really good. You can use it to convert your VHS to digital format and burn them to DVD. Of course, you can create your own digital videos and upload them to YouTube. But if you want to try V.TOP VHS to DVD software , I will tell you it is not a good choice.


    Price: 28.39


    Diamond Video Capture VC500

    With Diamond Video Capture, you can back up your precious VHS memories to DVD and capture video from game consoles or almost any other video source. And we find it easy, convenient, and also, it outputs high-quality files. Without doubt, this VHS to DVD converter is a top one.


    Price: $36.99


    EZCAP-TV 116 EzGrabber

    EZCAP-TV 116 EzGrabber is not only a VHS to DVD converter, but also a video editing program. You can use it to create DVD from old VHS tapes and edit the VHS files to make your old family movies more wonderful.


    Price: $36.95


    Dazzle DVD Recorder

    Dazzle DVD Recorder helps you capture VHS and other videos at full DVD-quality resolution. With this DVD recorder, you can convert HD VHS to DVD easily and edit your VHS tapes for creating a wonderful movie. Also, you can transfer your output files to web or mobile directly.


    Price: $39.99 


    Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Converter

    Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus can easily create DVDs from VHS and Hi8/V8 home videos. With Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Converter, you can split your VHS tapes to fit various discs and edit your VHS tapes easily. After converting, you can play the DVDs on DVD players, computers, or gaming consoles.


    Price: $42.45


    Vidbox Video Conversion Suite

    As the software and hardware, Vidbox Video Conversion Suite can help you convert all old VHS tapes to DVD on your computer or other places. It can convert VHS, Betamax, and more other camcorder formats to DVD easily and freely.


    Price: $69.99


    MAGIX Rescue Your Videotapes 

    If you only want to convert VHS to DVD, MAGIX Rescue Your Videotapes is enough, but if you have more need, for example, convert VHS to other video formats, you will feel a little upset, because you can only convert VHS to one video formats: WMV. And you can trim or add effects to your old VHS files, as well as burn it to DVD or Blu-ray disc. But the process is longer.


    Price: $79.99


    ClearClick Video to Digital Converter

    ClearClick Video to Digital Converter can convert old VHS tapes to digital format, like DVD. And it supports recording and digitalizing video from VHS, VCR's, DVD players, DVR's, camcorders, Hi8 and gaming systems without software. What’s more, this VHS to DVD converter help you change videos to some other formats supported by phones, tablet and web.


    Price: $119.95



    Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder (ZV427FX4)

    As a VCR and DVD recorder, Funai ZV427FX7 Combination Recorder is able to play VHS tapes directly and convert VHS to DVD easily. The converted DVD can be DVD-R and DVD-RW disc format, and you can watch DVD through Funai DVD recorder. Without doubt, this is a very simple and practical tool.


    Price: $349.95


    Manhattan Video Grabber

    As a convenient VHS to DVD Converter, Manhattan Video Grabber hardware can work with any software that captures videos from VCR and more. And then convert VHS to DVD easily.    And it has basic editing functions, but no more enhancing features. Moreover, you can set DVD menu before you burn VHS to DVD.


    Price: $59.89


    Part 2: How to transfer VHS to DVD with DVD recorder


    We have told you so many VHS to DVD converter above, next, we will show you how to transfer VHS to DVD with the VHS to DVD converter.

    The tools you need:

    Analog-to-digital adapter, VHS to DVD recorder, PC with DVD drive, blank DVD, VCR and VHS Tape.

    How it works:

    Step 1: Connect VCR with your computer with analog-to-digital adapter.


    Step 2: Run VHS to DVD recorder software.


    Step 3: Add your VHS tapes to VCR and import VHS video from VCR to your VHS to DVD burner.


    Step 4: Burn VHS to DVD.

    After adding VHS to the software, just choose the blank DVD disc you have, and begin to convert.


    Now, all is done. There are 10 best VHS to DVD Converters provided for you, you can choose one and burn your VHS to DVD with this recorder. Good luck to you.

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