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    Top 3 External DVD Burners

    Nowadays, in order to produce much slimmer and lighter laptop, many manufactures have eliminated the optical drive or DVD burner on laptop. The laptops in stores not always contain a DVD burner as before. But the fact is that sometimes we still need to use drives to install some software which is bound to physical discs, to watch or listen to DVDs or CDs, to store various kinds of data. So, you see, the drives may be out of vogue, but our needs for an optical drive never disappeared.

    The best way to deal with this contradiction is to buy an external DVD burner for your Mac or Windows computer. However, whether you need to burn DVDs frequently, or want to watch a DVD movie now and then, there are a plenty variety of options for you to choose from. Which external DVD burner is the best one or the one you most need? Here we listed top 3 best external burners for you as a reference.


    • 1.Samsung SE-208GB
    • 2.LITEON eBAU108
    • 3. HP DVD556s


    Samsung SE-208GB



    Samsung SE-208GBis an ultra-slim, light, fast and inexpensive external DVD burner that can be used with ultrabooks and laptops. Together with the included USB cable, it weighs only about half a pound. Samsung SE-208GB can arrive at 24x CD, 8x DVD±R, 6x DVD±R DL writing speed and maximums of CD read speed of 24x, and DVD read speed of 8x. It connects to a computer through a single USB port, which can conserve the power of your laptop battery when you burn or play CDs and DVDs.In addition, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

    LITEON eBAU108



    LITEON eBAU108 may be the thinnest and lightest external DVD burner, with a 220grams weight and a height of 13.5mm. Therefore it is very convenient to take it with you as an optical drive to watch DVDs, backup data, install applications, or burn discs on your laptop. It is compatible with major operating systems like Windows, Linux and macOS. It can adjust the maximum data read speed automatically according to different tasks: slows down to avoid noises when you are watching DVDs and speeds up when you are copying data. It is compatible with televisions that support flash drives and other USB devices.

    HP DVD556s



    HP DVD556s is a compact and versatile DVD burner which offers high speeds and double-layer recording. It allows you to preserve, edit and share video, photos, and multimedia presentation on one double-layer disc. With HP dvd556s at hand, you can store, burn and transport files on DVDs and CDs easily and quickly. It can read DVD discs at up to 8X speed or CD discs up to 24X. When you burn a DVD or CD with HP DVD556s, the writing speeds of DVDs and CDs are 24x CD, 8x DVD±R, and 6x DVD±R DL.


    Overall, HP DVD556s, a portable but a full-featured external burner, is very convenient for you to put it in a bag along with a laptop or notebook without an optical drive. But it is should be noted that it can only be connected to a Windows computer. If your system is macOS, you have to find another burner that is compatible with your Mac.


    All in all, these three external DVD burning tools are all portable and fast DVD burners, but each of them has its own features. You can make a choice according to your specific needs. Wish you could get the external DVD burner that you most need. Good luck to you!


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