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SothinkMedia Giveaway: Time to Win a Lifetime Sothink Blu-ray Copy

July 08, 2016, Beijng, China — SothinkMedia Software today announces a giveaway campaign, offering customers a very exceptional chance to get a special tailored version of its Blu-ray backup software which offers no free upgrade, or to win a lifetime normal version with free upgrades by submitting a valid email address. In the meantime, a 30% discount is offered on some specified products during the giveaway campaign.

Get a Free Tailored Version of Sothink Blu-ray Copy

Sothink Blu-ray Copy is a powerful Blu-ray backup software which is able to deal with all your Blu-ray backup needs, like copying, burning, cloning etc. During this giveaway campaign, everyone can download a special free version of this handy Blu-ray copy software, with the only exception that this free version is not eligible for future upgrades. Don’t hesitate!

Win a Normal Lifetime Version of Sothink Blu-ray Copy

However, if you want a lifetime version of this amazing Blu-ray copy software with the option of free future upgrades, then you can submit your valid email address and you might have a chance to win it. There will be 10 pieces of free accounts being randomly sent out per day during the giveaway period. If you want to try out your luck, just submit your email address now.

30% off on Some Hot Selling Sothink Products

During the giveaway period, SothinkMedia is also giving 30% discount to anyone who wants to purchase the lifetime versions of some specified products, including the DVD copy software, the DVD ripper software, the Blu-ray ripper software and the Blu-ray creator software. Don’t let the rare chance slip through your fingers. You got 20 day-long time to test and evaluate what really interests you most.

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