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What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we accept American Express, JCB, Maestro, goripay, Visa Electron, VisaCard, MasterCard, and Alipay.

Where can I get the full price list of Sothink Products?

The prices of all Sothink products include the 1-year prices and lifetime prices, and they are available at

What should I do if I have problem when ordering with credit card?

Try to use another browser and redo it. If the problem cannot be addressed, maybe you would like to call your credit card issuing bank for help. Or, simply try with another credit card, if you have more than one.

How to calculate the new expiration date after a renewal is made?

A: It totally depends on when the renewal is made:

1). Before the original order expires: The original order shall be extended for another year. 

2). After the original order expires: The renewed 1-year license shall take effect immediately on the day you make the renewal.

Is there a coupon or discount code I can use to renew my expired Sothink products?

Sorry to say that we do not offer coupon or discount code for renewing, considering that the renewal cost has already left us with very tiny profit margin. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Where should I renew my Sothink products?

To renew the expired Sothink products, you need to login to Sothink Member Center at

Should I choose the lifetime license over the 1-year license? What is the difference?

A Lifetime license guarantees the license holder the lifetime updates and technical supports for the purchased products. If they want to use other new products, they need to purchase them. If you choose the 1-year license, you will have to renew the purchased products each year when it expires.

What is the Sothink Member Center for and how do I login to it?

Sothink Member Center is for the paid users to renew products, reset the E-mail kept on file, change login password, and subscribe/unsubscribe newsletters. To become a member, you just need to register with the E-mail used for purchasing our products, and then you will receive an automatic feedback which tells you how to activate your membership with the attached link.

Will I get a backup CD along with my order?

Sorry. We do not offer backup CD, the reason is simple: a backup CD is not necessary for the product you will be purchasing, because you can always download the latest version of Sothink Quick Launcher at our official website anytime. Please place your order at

Do you offer telephone support?

Sorry, we don't offer telephone support for the time being, if you have any problem, please try to use our contact our service team via the contact form at Remember you need to be specific and detailed, so that our service staff can help you troubleshoot the problem efficiently.

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