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Is there any chance to copy a DVD as a single playable VOB file?

Yes, the possibility does exist, but not with Sothink DVD Copy. Keep in mind, no matter which copy mode you select, Sothink DVD Copy only yields DVD image files, folders, or burn directly onto blank DVD discs, all of which remain exactly the same file structure you see on the original disc.

To convert a DVD title into a single playable VOB file, you will have to use Sothink DVD Ripper, which there is a conversion profile called VOB.

Why is there "Not enough space on drive C"?

Sothink DVD Copy needs at least 20GB of free hard disk space to ensure its normal work. The reason is a solid one: the entire burning task is divided into two stages. In stage 1, Sothink DVD Copy will have to copy all the data onto the HDD and then perform the necessary decoding and encoding procedures. And it is for this reason, 20GB free space on your hard drive is required. If your drive C runs short of capacity, you can simply point the Temporary Directory to other drives which have plenty of free space. For that purpose, please go to Common Settings>General>Temporary Directory>Settings.

Does Sothink DVD Copy deal with DVD-Audio disc?

The answer is yes! You will need to use the Clone/Burn mode for that purpose.

I have only one DVD writer. Is this a problem?

Not a problem at all! One DVD writer is more than enough for a complete burning task. Shown below are the options you can follow:

1. Rip the DVD content off the original disc and save it onto your computer HDD as ISO file or DVD Folder, and then load the saved ISO file or DVD Folder as source to burn it onto blank media at a later time; or
2. Simply point the destination to the same DVD writer, when the first stage of the burning process finishes, system will auto eject the original disc and ask for a blank media. At this time, kick a blank DVD in to continue the stage 2 of the burning process.

Does Sothink DVD Copy convert PAL DVDs into NTSC standard?

Sorry, we currently do not convert between these two video standards. This means, if you throw a PAL DVD into it, it gives you a PAL DVD, the same applies to NTSC version. You won’t be able to play back a PAL version DVD on a NTSC only DVD player. However, you can play it on a computer DVD drive as it is PAL and NTSC free.

Can I copy the DVD on HDD and burn it at a later time onto blank DVD?

Absolutely, you can copy the DVD movie off the original disc and save it onto your computer HDD as either a DVD ISO image file, or a DVD Folder, which you can burn onto blank DVD at a later time convenient to you.

How to fix the "task_2 Error=116" error?

When this error pops up, it literally could mean a burning failure or an aborted burning process. Shown below is a list of possible solutions you can try:

1. Replace your current version of Sothink DVD Copy by our latest ver. which is always available at;

2. Update your DVD writer’s firmware;
3. Activate the DMA mode for your DVD writer;
4. Slow down the burning speed;
5. Try different brands of blank media, like the notable ones made by Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim;
6. If you are using DVD-R disc, try other formats, like DVD+R, DVD+RW;

What is a DVD Folder?

When referring to a DVD folder, it reflects everything you will see on a genuine DVD disc. Instead of playing the DVD disc, open it with explorer and you will see two folders inside, a "Video_TS" containing a plethora of VOB files, BUP files and IFO files, and another "Audio_TS" which usually nurtures anything.

Sothink DVD Copy is able to rip the entire DVD content off the original disc and then save the data on your computer HDD, retaining identically the same file structure, so that it can be treated by many software players as a physical disc and play back it smoothly.

How to fix the "Task_1 Error=105" error?

This error indicates that an unexpected packet in VOB file has been found, which means the disc is dirty or has been seriously scratched. You will have to cleanse the disc before giving it another shot, otherwise, try the Full Disc mode which probably will bypass the same error.

How to fix the "Writing device initialization failed" error?

When this error pops up, it indicates that a startup failure has occurred to your writer, reason unclear. Bellow is what you can try:

1. Make sure the power supply to your DVD drive is enough. Replace the power cable if necessary.
2. Wait for a while after the blank disc is inserted in the DVD tray, so that Sothink DVD Copy has enough response time to access it from there. When if actually sees the blank media, proceed with the burning process.

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