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What if I want no menu added into the final Blu-ray?

If you do not need a Blu-ray menu appears on your final Blu-ray, you can simply select the No Menu option when it directs you to the menu selection part. To keep in mind, the Blu-ray without a menu added will play back according to the original sequence how you added the video sources.

If I burn the Blu-ray onto a blank DVD disc, what happens next?

To help save money on buying the pricey blank Blu-ray discs, Sothink Blu-ray Creator adds the support to burn the final Blu-ray video onto less expensive blank DVD discs. However, the burnt DVD disc actually carries Blu-ray video on it, which means, it still require a Blu-ray player for playback. Your DVD player will not recognize the disc.

If I convert multiple video clips in one conversion, can I change the playback sequence as I want?

Sure, you can decide at will which one to play first, which one goes second. Just do it by dragging and dropping the video clips to the correct position, after you add then into the main interface, so that they can be placed in your wanted order.

Does it allow me to add a Blu-ray menu?

Yes. Inside the program, there are several beautifully designed menu templates for users to choose from. Those menu templates have various themes, and it even allows users to do a lot of custom settings, such as font, color, background art, various buttons, etc.

What options do I have to save the final Blu-ray?

Well, you have three options regarding the output destination. If you want to play back the final Blu-ray in your home Blu-ray player, you will have to burn it onto a blank BD-50, BD-25, DVD-9 or DVD-5 disc, however, if you just want to watch it on your computer with a media player software, then you have other two options, one is to output an ISO image file on your HDD, and then other is similar, a Blu-ray folder.

What file sources does it support?

Sothink Blu-ray Creator can convert all the video files you have, regardless what formats they are in, into standard Blu-ray format and burn it onto blank BD-50, BD-25 discs, even DVD-9 and DVD-5 discs.

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