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How to play the converted 3D mkv/avi/mp4/wmv files?

To play back 3D videos, you generally have three options.
Option 1: PC + 3D video player software

This approach requires a compatible NVIDIA graphics card armed with the latest driver, and a 3D video player. NVIDIA‘s own 3D Vision Video Player is a better option to go, which is available at

Option 2: TV + 3D TV device or Simply Grab a 3D TV

This approach requires that your TV is capable of transmitting 3D content. You might also have to upgrade the firmware of your set-top-box. For other things, you also you need a pair of Red/Blue 3D glasses to watch 3D video. If you want to make it simpler, you can then just grab a 3D TV, and then plug the storage into it and get playing immediately.

Option 3: 3D enabled portable devices

Nowadays, there are many such devices, such as iPad, etc.

Does it convert 3D Blu-ray titles?

Sure, Sothink Blu-ray Ripper is capable of converting 3D Blu-rays both into regular 2D videos, also into 3D videos a wide range of formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV, M2TS, TS and WMV.

Is it possible to convert DVD/Blu-ray title to MKV file without compression?

Sure, you can do that. To that target, you will have to use the "mkv.passthrough" conversion profile available at the Format section and Video part of the profile bank.

Can I directly put the subtitles into the video?

Sure, concerning the subtitles, there are three options available, users can select any one wanted.

Choice 1: To directly render into the video;

Choice 2: Extract to idx or sub file;

Choice 3: Remux into file.

Can I split a movie title into multiple pieces of video files based on its own chapters?

Sure, it is possible. To that target, you will have to go the Advanced Settings panel, and then set the Split selection box into Split by chapters.

What if my cell phone is not listed in the profile bank?

In this case, we suggest that you find a similar phone to yours made by the same manufacturer, like you can choose Galaxy S4, if the Galaxy A series are not listed yet, because they should have the same video playback capacity. There is also a last resort for you, which is to select the MP4 profile from the Video option under the Format section of the profile bank.

Can I remove the subtitles for the conversion?

Sure, that’s as easy as a pie. And to that target, you have two ways:

Method 1:  Set the Subtitle option as None, which can be done at the Subtitle Selection Box in the main interface; or

Method 2: Go to Common Setting>Streams>Tick the option "Do not preselect any subtitle track".

Does it convert DVDs into a single audio file, like mp3?

Sure, if you want enjoy your DVD movies in another way. You can convert DVDs into various music files to enjoy on your portable music player, like iPod. And to that target, you will have to set the conversion profile to one of the available profiles in the Format section, Audio option. Currently, you can choose to convert DVDs into MP3, AVC, FLAC, M4A, WAV, WMV, AudioCopy, etc. Please choose one that your digital music player supports.

Does it convert DVDs for playback on Archos devices?

Sure. You will have to use the PVP option from the profile bank, which is under the Device section. The currently supported Archos devices include Archos 504/604/605, AV300/320, and Gmini. The future devices from Archos will also be supported in future versions.

Can I convert more than one title on a Blu-ray disc?

Sure, theoretically it is possible. Besides the feature movie title, you are also allowed to add other wanted titles to convert. That said, the more titles you add, the poorer the final video quality will become. 

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