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Can I just convert a selected time period of a Blu-ray source?

Yes, it is possible. But this does not mean you can select any part of the movie to converter. Currently, Sothink Blu-ray to DVD Converter lets users to select a chapter range to convert, which means if the main title has 21 chapters in total, then you can select a starting chapter and an ending chapter to convert.

What if I don’t want to burn the final DVD onto blank DVD disc?

That’s easy! Sothink Blu-ray to DVD Converter offers users three options concerning the output target, if you don’t need to burn to blank DVD disc, you can also choose to output the DVD onto your computer hard disc drive and save it as DVD ISO file or folder, which you can playback with media player application.

What will be the video standard of the final DVD?

This is totally depending on the video standard of the source Blu-ray. Sothink Blu-ray to DVD Converter does not change the video standard property. In a simpler term, if the source Blu-ray is in PAL, then the converted DVD remains in PAL, the same applies to NTSC.

Will Sothink Blu-ray to DVD Converter create a menu in the final DVD?

Yes. Inside the program, there are several beautifully designed menu templates for users to choose from. Those menu templates have various themes, and it even allows users to do a lot of custom settings, such as font, color, background art, various buttons, etc.

Is it possible to change the writable media size of the blank Blu-ray media?

Sure, it is possible. To do that, go to Common Settings>Drives>Blu-ray Write>Writable Media (BD50/BD25) Size, and then change the size there for BD50 and BD25. That said, this is not recommended, because the default size is always the best option as far as safety is concerned.

How to fix the “The media inserted is not writable” error?

This error, at the largest extent, is caused by the incompatibility problem between the drive and the blank media. We suggest that you try another brand of media, or update your writer’s firmware to see if that addresses the problem. Please stay away from crap blank media.

How to fix the "task_1 Error=700" error?

This error indicates that a Blu-ray folder is copied to another folder without any compression engaged, which is meaningless to Sothink Blu-ray Copy. You can switch the output target to ISO or burn the folder onto blank Blu-ray disc.

How to fix the "task_1 Error=1000" error?

When confronted with this error, our developers will need your log files for troubleshooting. Please send them via E-mail at, in the meantime, you can also try to use the Full Disc mode to make your backup, which will possibly bypass the same error, according to our practice.

How long will it take to copy or shrink a Blu-ray disc?

Well. It all depends. Normally, the copy process could cost you 45 to 90 minutes, while if compression gets involved, then it could be 60 to 150 minutes. There are many factors, like the overall PC configurations, the source disc size, copy mode, output size, etc, could affect the real time cost in a single copy or compress task. If you really want to speed that up, there is an extra option, you can activate the hardware acceleration or the Lightning-Recoding at Common Settings>General>AV Codec.

Why the CUDA acceleration does not work?

In this case, you can try to disable the PhysX settings at the NVIDIA Control Panel, as PhysX might potentially slow down the speed.

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