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    How to Rip and Convert DVD to PS4?

    PS4, short for PlayStation 4, opens the door to an incredible journey through a immersive new gaming world and a deeply connected gaming community. Beyond that, it also provide gamers access to a rich portfolio of applications that feature the hottest movies and television shows, unique specialized content, and live sports programming. And you can even watch your favorite DVD movies on this wonderful device, as long as you get a professional PS4 DVD Ripper.

    Sothink DVD Ripper is such kind of DVD ripper with the PS4 profile collected in its rich profile library and the ability to finish ripping DVD to PS4 with few clicks. In addition, the output quality is not much inferior to the one of source.

    Following, just move on for the details about how to rip and convert DVD to PS4 with Sothink DVD Ripper.


    Step 1: Run Sothink DVD Ripper, and load the source

    Get Sothink quick launcher started after installation, and then choose DVD Ripper from the welcome screen.


    Following, insert the source DVD disc into the optical drive, or navigate it through the Add buttons on the main UI if it has already in. If it is an ISO file or a folder, you can simply drag & drop it into the main UI.


    Step 2: Choose PS4, and customize the output video

    Move to the right pane to click the profile switcher after source loading, and choose PS4 following: Format -> Sony. Then, select the titles, audio tracks and subtitles you want to keep.


    If you have no specific needs on the resultant video, then you can start the DVD ripping, and Sothink will execute the task with default settings. If you have your needs on the output video, then you can set the video and audio parameters with Advanced Settings part, and edit the video deeply like video trimming, display cropping, watermarks or external subtitles adding, video effect adjusting, etc. with the built-in video editor.



    After that, move to the Save to part, and click the folder icon to select the output directory.


    Step 3: Begin ripping DVD

    Now that you've made all settings you need, just click the Start button to begin the DVD ripping. Once the Start button is hit, Sothink begins the task, and the progress information shows meanwhile.


    That's all! Now, just transfer the output video from the output directory to your PS4 connected to your PC, you can view it with your PS4 by then. Have a nice time!

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