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    How to Rip DVD with DVD Copy Software?

    Sothink DVD Copy can help you rip the content off any DVD, either classical discs or the newest blockbusters, either DVD discs or digital files like DVD ISO or folder. And the whole process can be finished as easy as with three steps. Next, just dig in the detailed steps.


    Step 1: Run Sothink DVD Copy, and load the source

    Download, install and run Sothink quick launcher, and then choose DVD Copy from the welcome screen.


    Insert the DVD disc, or navigate the source following the hints on the main UI.


    Step 2: Choose one copy mode, and select the output directory

    After source loading, click the copy mode switcher located at the top right corner of the interface, and choose one copy mode from the options Sothink provides. Notice that, the Clone/Burn mode is a lossless copy mode which will rip the original DVD with a result exactly the same as the source. And beside the mode, you can select the titles, audio tracks, subtitles and output size with any other copy mode.


    After that, move down to the Save to part, and select the output directory for ripping the DVD to a blank disc, to be an ISO file or a folder.


    Step 3: Start to rip DVD  

    Press the Start button at the bottom right corner of the interface, then Sothink DVD Copy will immediately rip DVD. Usually, the whole process will be finished with a processing time fall between several minutes and 20 minutes.


    That's all! For more information, please visit:

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