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    How to Clone DVD with DVD Cloner?

    Cloning DVD means you will get a resulting DVD with the content, source size, video and audio quality totally the same as the original one, namely, you will get a lossless output DVD. Sothink DVD Copy, a versatile and reliable DVD copy software, also functions as a professional DVD cloner, which has a powerful processing engine and can clone a DVD with its perfect 1:1 ratio to ensure the original quality won't be lost at all. What's more, the whole DVD cloning only takes three steps.

    Now, let's dive into the details. First, download the DVD cloner below.

    Step 1: Run SothinkMedia launcher, and opt for DVD Copy

    Run SothinkMedis launcher, and then opt for DVD Copy by clicking the related icon showed on the welcome window.


    Step 2: Load the source, and choose Clone/Burn

    When the operation window is brought out, load the source DVD disc/ISO/folder following the methods prompted on the main UI. Seconds later, the source is in with its correct structure recognized.


    Click the copy mode box located on the right pane, and choose "Clone/Burn" mode. Since you are working with a totally lossless copy mode, the output content and other parameters won't be changeable, so there are no any customize settings.

    Move down to the Save to part, if there is only one available optical drive of your PC or there are no extra external drives connected to your PC, then the write drive will be selected default. Otherwise, select the write drive you need.


    Step 3: Clone DVD right now

    Click the Start button at the bottom right corner, Sothink will immediately begins to check the write media and ask you to insert one blank or erasable disc into the write drive. After that, Sothink will begins the DVD cloning and burning process with impressive speed, and presents you the lossless DVD with 10 to 20 minutes, which may relies on your PC hardware performance, the source size and the writing speed of the write drive.


    That's all! Now, you can check the output quality of the burned DVD ejected from the write drive. There is no any difference between the source and the result, right? And you finally get your star wars, right? Just enjoy yourself!

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