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    How to Rip Blu-ray to PVP?

    PVP, short for Portable Video Player, which comes in all sizes and shapes, is a kind of light-weighted and convenient device capable of storing data like images, videos, music, etc, and video playback. Some PVP offers as much as 160 GB storage, so you can freely watch your large-size and high-definition videos with it.

    More surprisingly, you can even rip your Blu-ray to your PVP for viewing with the help of Blu-ray ripper. Sothink Blu-ray Ripper can do more with less effort. Trust it, it can read all kinds of Blu-rays and convert them to the standard formats your PVP supports easily.

    Following, let's see how to rip Blu-ray to PVP with Sothink Blu-ray Ripper.


    Step 1: Run Sothink Blu-ray Ripper, and load the source

    After installation, double click Sothink quick launcher to run it, and then choose Blu-ray Ripper from the welcome screen.


    Insert the source Blu-ray disc into the external Blu-ray drive, or navigate it through the Add buttons on the main UI. If the source is an ISO file or a folder, you can simply drag & drop it into the main UI for loading.


    Step 2: Choose your PVP, and customize the output video

    After source loading, move to the right pane and click the profile switcher to choose your PVP from PVP tab of Device part in Sothink's profile library. Then, select the output titles, audio tracks and subtitles you need.


    Customize the output video if you need. You can set the audio and video parameters regarding the output video with Sothink's Advanced Settings. And you can deeply edit it like adjusting the output video effect, trimming the video, cropping the display area, adding watermarks, adding external subtitles, etc. with the built-in video editor.



    After that, move down to the lowest interface, and select the output path for temporarily storing the output video.


    Step 3: Start to rip Blu-ray to PVP

    Tap the Start button, Sothink will immediately begin ripping Blu-ray to PVP, and present you the detailed progress info during the process. Usually, the whole task will ask you about half an hour, but it may vary depending on your PC hardware specs, the source size and the writing speed of the write media.


    That's all! Now, transfer the output video to your PVP connected to your PC, you can view it with your PVP by then.

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