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    How to Convert Blu-ray to H.265 Video to Greatly Reduce the Output Size?

    Many people prefer Blu-ray movies to pursue the high-definition video effect. However, it's common knowledge that Blu-ray movie usually comes with bigger size that greatly occupies your physical space. A BD50 has more than five times bigger than a DVD-9. Under this circumstance, what should we do? Give up the high-definition Blu-ray and turn to much smaller DVD? Actually, you don't need to sacrifice that much.

    HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), aka H.265, is an advanced video coding technology that can double compress the data compression compared with H.264 to greatly reduce the output size, while presents even higher output quality when it comes to rip and convert Blu-ray.

    Sothink Blu-ray Ripper, as an up-to-date and powerful Blu-ray ripper software is designed with such an advanced coding technology, and provides two H.265 options: MP4 H.265 and MKV H.265 in normal 2D video part, 3D video part and even 4K video part.

    Following is the how-to guide about how to rip and convert Blu-ray to H.265 video to greatly reduce the output size with Sothink Blu-ray Ripper.


    Notice that, a Blu-ray drive is necessary if the to-be-converted Blu-ray is a Blu-ray disc.


    Step 1: Launch Sothink Blu-ray Ripper, and load the source

    Double click the desktop icon of SothinkMedia launcher, and opt for Blu-ray Ripper.


    Insert your BD into the external Blu-ray drive, or click the "+" or "+Add" button to add the source Blu-ray ISO or folder in. Also, you can simply drag & drop it into the main region of the main UI.


    Step 2: Choose one H.265 video format, and make settings for the output video

    After source loading, click the profile switcher to choose one H.265 video format following: Format -> Video. You can also convert the source to be 3D H.265 video by choosing one 3D H.265 video format via: Format -> 3D Video.


    Choose the output content, sound tracks and subtitles you need.


    You can set all the video and audio parameters concerning the output video at the Advanced Settings part if you don't satisfied with the default ones.


    With Sothink's video edit feature, you can deeply customize the video like adjusting the video effect, trimming any parts you need off, cropping the display area, adding image or text watermarks and adding external subtitles.


    After all settings, go to the Save to part, and click the folder icon to select the output path with enough disk space.


    Step 3: Reduce the output size now

    Click on the Start button, Sothink will immediately begins converting Blu-ray to H.265. It may be a period of time, but the final time varies depending on your PC hardware performance, the source size and the writing speed of the writable drive.


    OK, done! After the conversion, you can check the source size, unbelievably greatly smaller than the source, right? And when you take a view, you will find the result is by no means inferior to the source, but even more excellent.

    Now, the saved disc space can be used to store more movies. Wish you every beautiful day!

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