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    How to Extract the Audio File from Blu-ray?

    Sothink Blu-ray Ripper is more than a powerful Blu-ray ripper software, it's also a professional Blu-ray audio extractor, which can read all kinds of Blu-ray, extract the embedded audio file and convert it to any mainstream audio formats like MP3, WMA, AAC, AudioCopy, M4A, etc. With it, you can get the audio stream off and listen it for practicing your oral English, or just impress in the background music.

    Following are the detailed steps about how to extract the audio file from Blu-ray with Sothink Blu-ray Ripper.


    Notice: A Blu-ray drive and decrypter may be needed for reading and handling copy-righted Blu-ray discs.


    Step 1: Get Sothink quick launcher installed

    Download Sothink quick launcher either from the download page or any product page, and then install it following the wizard.


    Step 2: Run Sothink Blu-ray Ripper, and load the source

    Double click the desktop icon of Sothink quick launcher, and choose Blu-ray Ripper from the welcome screen.


    Load the source Blu-ray with which the audio file you want to extract.


    Step 3: Choose one audio format, and select the output directory

    After the source is in, move to the right pane and click the profile switcher to choose one audio format at the Audio tab of Format part from the profile library. Then, select the output titles, audio tracks and subtitles you need.


    Sothink's Advanced Settings empowers you to do more with the output audio, you can select the audio codec, sample rate, channels, bit rate, split, etc.


    Lastly, move to the Save to part of the lowest interface, and select the output directory for storing the output video.


    Step 4: Start to extract Blu-ray audio

    With all settings done, it's time to take the last step. Just click on the Start button, Sothink will immediately start to extract the audio file from the original Blu-ray, and present you detailed progress info during the process.


    Soon, the whole process is finished. Now, you can check the output quality, almost lossless, right?


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