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    How to Convert MP4 Video to Blu-ray?

    We all know that Blu-ray has much higher definition and quality in both video and audio, which is unreachable for DVD and video. If you just have the normal and most commonly used MP4 video, would you think it's amazing to convert MP4 video to Blu-ray to get higher joy? Well, the answer is YES definitely. What comes more exciting is that you can make it come true all by yourself, as long as you got Sothink Blu-ray Creator, aka Sothink HD Movie Maker. It supports all kinds of video formats as sources, and can convert them to standard Blu-ray with astonishing quality output.

    Following, let's see how to create Blu-ray from MP4 video with Sothink Blu-ray Creator.

    Step 1: Launch Sothink Blu-ray Creator, and load the source video

    Double click SothinkMedia launcher to run it after you've completed the installation, and choose Blu-ray Creator by clicking the related icon.


    Click the "+" or "+Add" button on the main interface to navigate the MP4 video you want to convert to Blu-ray in, or simply drag & drop it into the main region of the interface.


    Notice that you can add either one or multiple videos in to create them into one Blu-ray.


    Step 2: Customize the output Blu-ray

    After the source(s) is/are imported in Sothink, choose the output size you need from the output size section first. If the total source size is larger than the output size you chose, then there will be a compression. Following, move to the Save to part, and click the drop-down list, disc icon or folder icon to create them to a blank or rewritable Blu-ray disc, ISO file or folder. And you may need an external Blu-ray drive if you want to create a Blu-ray disc. After that, click the Next button.


    Choose the menu you like from the provided templates, then name the output Blu-ray and choose one playback mode at the following window.



    Also, you can choose No Menu if you don't need it, and under that circumstance, the output Blu-ray will be played back by the sequence you added the source videos.


    Step 3: Start to convert MP4 video to Blu-ray

    Now that you've made all settings you need, just click the Start button to begin the MP4 video to Blu-ray conversion. The final processing time usually falls between 10 to 20 minutes, but it will vary depending on your PC hardware performance, the size of your source and the writing speed of your Blu-ray drive.


    OK, done! That's quite easy, right? Checking the output video, you will find that it's a standard Blu-ray and is well compatible with your players or devices in support of Blu-ray playback.

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