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    How to Copy Blu-ray to ISO?

    Sothink Blu-ray Copy can copy all kinds of Blu-rays to blank discs to protect your legitimate and previous Blu-ray discs while let you enjoy your favorite movies without the worry of physical damage loss. If you don't have any blank BDs in hands, it's OK. This powerful Blu-ray copy software can backup Blu-ray to digital files. Nowadays, many people choose to copy Blu-ray to ISO because the output Blu-ray ISO can be easily played on hard disks and media players.

    Following, let's take a closer look at the detailed steps on how to copy Blu-ray to ISO with Sothink Blu-ray Copy.


    Step 1: Start Sothink Blu-ray Copy up, and add the source

    Get SothinkMedia launcher started up, and choose Blu-ray Copy from the welcome screen when it runs.


    Add the Blu-ray disc/ISO/folder you want to copy per the instructions.


    Step 2: Choose one copy mode, and select the output directory

    After the source loading and analysis, move to the right pane, and click the copy mode switcher to choose one copy mode you need.


    You can make a compression to shrink your large BD50 to BD25 at the output size section if you don't have enough disk space in your PC. Notice that, if you choose Clone/Burn mode, you will get a lossless output Blu-ray ISO, which means, compression is unavailable.


    After that, move down to the Save to part, and click the disc icon to select the output directory.


    Step 3: Start the Blu-ray to ISO copying

    Hit on the Start button, the Blu-ray to ISO copying will be executed immediately by Sothink Blu-ray Copy, and will be finished with Sothink's leading processing speed.


    OK, done! Now, you can view the output Blu-ray ISO with media player or device in support of Blu-ray playback to check the output quality, jaw-dropping! Right?


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